About Yaca

About Yaca

he B&B YACA visitor in De Haan is confronted with a total surprise because of the architectural style which actually belongs to the more Mediterranean regions, such as in the southern Provence or on the Côte d'Azur in Cavalaire or in St. Tropez.

White decorative plaster walls, beams,many wood structures such as beams, real door shutters (not ornamental shutters), red pavia stones for the driveway, dolomite and pebbles as surface for the parking, smelling lavender in bloom period, many ornamental shrubs with all kinds of Latin names, pinus trees, anywhere-coloured floral decoration and Japanese cherry trees are blossoming and other coloring trees give a perfectly southern holiday feeling.The romance at B&B YACA hangs in the air both inside and outside.
In the evening, with the 25 spots and/or light lanterns and light poles in function, give a pleasant lighting atmosphere , what gives the Yaca in De Haan his own unique look.

B&B YACA has 3 terraces.
One is located under a cosy roof structure with the beams that supports the roof construction.
The teak furniture consists of a square table around which 8 people can sit .
The second terrace consists of a Lawn-Deluxe terrace consisting of a table around which 6 people can take place on the adjustable comfortable seats.The third shadow terrace is located below the trees on a dolomite-pebbles surface.

The garden is also enriched by 4 additional comfortable adjustable reclining chairs.

The wrought-iron entrance gate opens through a sensor key -which the guest receives- from the car while the lighting is operated automatically.
The 180 m² driveway takes the car at the car park.